We’re a leading company. For good reason.Posted 2 years ago


We’re a leading company. For good reason.

Did you know we’re one of the UK’s leading waste cooking oil recycling companies? In fact, we help to reduce carbon emissions and support the worldwide commitment to renewables and sustainability, recycling 100% of all collected waste.


We’ve been around a while. Established in Hull in 1987, the company soon expanded and moved to a 10-acre site in North Cave, East Yorkshire where you’ll still find us today, although somewhat bigger and even better. As the company continued to grow, so did our innovation, eventually developing technology to move into blending oils for biodiesel.


Back in 2016 we developed a unique oil blend to produce ‘green’ electricity, branded RE360, converting oils to generate fuels for generators and CHP systems to power local schools and businesses. Our RE360 fuel is now being sought after to provide combined heat and power as it gives a fantastic cycle of waste to green electricity and heat.


The impact? By replacing fossil fuels with biofuels, every litre of biofuel produced from waste saves approximately 2.8kg of carbon. In fact, our renewable energy delivers a carbon reduction in excess of 84%.


As a company, we’re committed to continually cutting our carbon emissions and improving the environment, demonstrated by our Investors in the Environment Green award (the highest level achievable).


As part of our continuous improvement programme and consistent growth plans, we launched our biogas facility in 2017, enabling us to convert food waste into green energy.


Our plant is currently capable of producing enough green energy to power around 11,000 homes. Processing up to 60,000 tonnes of food waste every year, the biogas facility supplies 3.5MW of electricity to the national grid.


Today we continue to make improvements in our energy efficiency and environmental practices.


After a significant investment into the business during 2020, we’re set to achieve our growth strategy which includes, as part of our North Cave site rebuild, an additional process capacity to a huge 5,000M3, enabling us to process increased volumes to meet increased customer demand.


Research and development is a significant part of our success. With a deep rooted ambition to innovate, finding and processing solutions and meet specification standards, positioning us as market leaders. Further investment is allowing greater flexibility and wider capability for us to meet customer requirements.


Investment in our logistic department is enabling an expansion in our fleet and service level rise. Increased levels of investment have also been dedicated to developing our business process, removing reliance on paperwork to instead operating via a bespoke App utilising QR and scanning technology. This improvement in practices is bringing live data straight into our operating system.


Our team are the heart of our business, demonstrated by their enduring commitment to the company in times of crisis and we recognise ongoing training and development to be the key to our success. Health and safety, ISCC (a sustainability certification system) and environmental and food health are at the forefront of our personnel development. A greater focus has also been on nurturing our team through leadership development.


During a time when businesses nationwide faced uncertain times, rather than make staff redundant, we continued to grow. In 2020, the management team expanded to welcome Neil Taylor as the new managing director and Iain Jennison as Finance Director. The expansion of the team brought additional skills, experience and knowledge to our team.


These appointments, alongside wider recruitment to support our growth, demonstrates our commitment to continuous improvement, adding value to both customers and the environment.


Our resilience, determination and innovative approach are evident not only in our continued success as a business but in the way we’ve bounced back following the devastating Christmas Day fire in 2019 and continued support to customers and the food manufacturing supply chain during the global pandemic.

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