Why keeping in line with the Medium Combustion Plant Directive is important.Posted 9 months ago

It is something which has sat under the radar for several years but has suddenly come to the forefront. The Medium Combustion Plant Directive (MCPD) will introduce cost effective emissions guidelines and controls on new plants from this year with the view that everybody must bring into line their existing plants by 2025, a move which will cause considerable effort for some.

The aim for the MCPD is to ensure regulation on emissions within the EU and to bring it in line with small and large combustion plants that already have an EU directive in place.

But what exactly does this all mean?

In short, it means enforcing limits on gases and their outputs primarily for sulphur dioxide and nitrogen oxide by measuring their overall thermal output and will penalise for failure to adhere – How that will take shape, is still unclear however.

At Brocklesby we have developed a renewable, sustainable fuel and the technology to reduce the nitrous dioxide and nitrous oxide emissions that will keep our customers in line with the MCPD, now and in the future. Please call for more information on RE360 fuel and technology.

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