Recent Installation at a large food manufacturer shows how we can keep your operation well oiled.Posted 6 months ago

Oil Equipment is one of our many specialist services at Brocklesby and our expertise in the handling of difficult oils, fats and grease recovery has ensured our customers tanks remain much better maintained and over a longer period. Our recent installation below shows oil skimming recently installed.


With free on-loan equipment, bespoke equipment design and specialist oil recovery units to relieve pressure from DAF systems, it has meant that our customers costs on DAF chemicals is significantly reduced and has a very positive effect on bottom line profit. And this has an uptake in revenue, adding another stream for a company’s top line.

At Brocklesby we see oil recovery as a must do, it enhances profit, keeps sites clean, manages environmental risk, and has a positive health and safety impact. It also reduces possible fines from utility providers keeping discharge consents within permitted limits. We also offer tank cleaning services to keep your equipment working at its optimum and storage of fats and oils at maximum capacity.

We take care of customers across the UK and Republic of Ireland, lending our years of expertise to ensuring that Equipment is running correctly, oils and fats are recovered and brought back to our 10-acre site on our own in-house transport. We recycle everything into renewable fuel for power generation and road transport fuels. But there are further benefits, by replacing fossil fuels our renewable energy delivers a carbon reduction in excess of 84%. Our onsite Biogas plant gives us the opportunity to recover food as a renewable energy too.

Please contact Brocklesby at any time for fats oils grease collections, recovery equipment, tank cleaning and food waste recovery needs.

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