10 challenges for kids to learn about recycling, the environment and sustainabilityPosted 8 months ago

As the lockdown continues, we’re still here supporting food manufacturers across the country by collecting, removing and recycling their used unwanted cooking oils, fats and greases. Many of our team are also juggling homeschooling children, which got us thinking…

Recycling, the environment and sustainability aren’t only important topics for us, they’re hugely important topics for children to learn about. So here are some fun activities that they can do to learn more at home, and help you out if you’re looking for activities to keep them occupied! 

10 challenges to connect with recycling, the environment and sustainability:

Here at Brocklesby we’re all about recycling. In fact, did you know? We don’t believe in landfill and are committed to recycling 100% of all collected waste, including food waste, to create renewable energy, green electricity and biofuel. By doing our bit for the environment, we’re able to help other companies do theirs.

  1. Trash can challenge – Recycle your rubbish to make an instrument or game! You could use rubber bands to make a guitar, some cardboard tubes to make a trumpet or plastic bottles to make a bowling game! Have a look here if you need some inspiration.

  2. Recycling superheroes – Take a look at East Riding of Yorkshire Council’s Recycling Superheroes activity series and meet their two superhero bears, Eric and Erica. Have a go at the missions and design your own recycling superhero!

  3. Make compost – Take a look at the Eco-Friendly Kids website and have a go at creating your own home compost. This is a great way to recycle natural waste.

  4. Junk boats – One person’s junk is another person’s treasure! Design and build a boat using materials from your recycling – do you think it will float? Test it out in a bucket of water and then try again – see which designs work the best. Here are some ideas to get you started.

  5. My local area map – Hop on your bike, grab your scooter or get your walking shoes ready and head out to explore where you live. Have you discovered any new places?  Draw your route to make a map of your local area and describe what you saw along the way.

  6. We love our planet – Create three flashcards with your top 3 tips for helping our plant as the world recovers from the virus. Design each flashcard in a poster style and use them to record a short video (1 min max.) explaining your top tips. Here are some suggestions.  

  7. Renewable vs. nonrenewable energy – Research which energy types are renewable or nonrenewable. List the differences you discover and the advantages and disadvantages of each. Which ones do you like the sound of the most? Here’s a link to a video to get you started. 

  8. Reflection – Grab a used glass jar before it goes into the recycle bin to create your own self-praise jar. You could decorate it with paints, glitter or ribbon – whatever you like! Each day before you go to bed, write down something you’re really proud of yourself for doing that day. It could be something hard you learned in maths, or it could be that you were kind to your brother or sister. At the end of the week, empty the jar with your family and talk about all the positive things you did.

  9. Confidence – Write a poem about recycling and how important it is to be kind to the Earth. You could even perform it for your family!

  10. Sustainable stories – With us all being home these last few months rather than traveling around, the environment has seen some positive changes. Write a list of all the things you have done differently since lockdown began and how these may have helped the environment. Use your list to write a story. It could feature characters from your local wildlife or you and your family. You may find these articles interesting: Coronavirus lockdown triggers giant experiment in how animals live without us | The Daily Telegraph The positive impacts on the environment since the coronavirus lockdown began | Evening Standard 7 ways the planet is healing, thanks to global lockdown | Country Living

Most importantly, have fun, get creative and dive in to explore science! 

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